WARA Remote Site Clinics

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WARA has become increasingly active over the last few years to expand our services to support the establishment and running of remote site medical operations. Mostly this is interesting and highly supportive to the mineral exploration and mining industry – traditionally gold and more recently the oil industry and includes all the mining support and occupational health services for the industry as well.

Our long history (since 2005) of providing regional air rescue to the gold industry and our management of clinical cases referred to us from mine sites has won us the confidence of many corporate clients. As our company progressed we expanded our services and on request began to fully operate private remote site clinics, and or small hospitals to improve medical support of this sector.

Should any company require a feasibility study or risk analysis of any remote site in the West African Region, please contact us so we can provide a quotation of setting up, establishing and thereafter running a remote site clinic for them in the region, please feel free to contact us.

Our in-depth knowledge of the health care challenges of the region make for a very realistic evaluation which is greatly more valuable than an outsider trying to achieve the same evaluation without the insight of how things work operationally in the heat of an emergency.

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Our Medical Director Doctor Akanko has his Masters in Occupational Health and can in addition to any evaluation also provide your organization any advice or outline of the necessary health and safety criteria your company would require to operate effectively especially in this region.

Any company who would like to receive a quotation for their remote site clinic to be run and operated by the WARA medical team can please send us an email request at anytime. The benefits of one of our extended medical team running the remote site clinics is the excellent emergency response procedures between the actual site operations and support through our bases in Takoradi and Accra for treatments and responses. This makes for an ideal emergency procedure.

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