WARA Freetown Clinic

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WARA Freetown clinic has been established in 2008 to support our emergency medical services. Our clinic provides high standard and cost effective healthcare services. Individuals and families can consult privately with a doctor in a clean and comfortable environment with minimal waiting time.

The Freetown clinic is a family practice and a first point of call for medical consultations with our WARA Medical Doctor for any medical condition requiring, diagnosis, medical treatment and care.

Additionally, we are running an intermediate intensive care unit to ensure state of the art monitoring and intensive medical care for short periods of time in-between a local air rescue within Sierra Leone and a potential repatriation into Ghana or back to the home country.

Our clinic is only open to registered members of West African Rescue Association in order to provide our clients with our exclusive private medical services. All records and treatment is kept with absolute professionalism and confidentiality.

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