WARA Medical Case Management

Complicated medical cases managed in SL require a lot of facilitation and medical input from our team. The WARA medical team stays fully involved in all such cases providing necessary logistics, equipment, referrals, diagnostics and liaison with international insurance companies. This can minimize your health risks and ensures that at all times the best decisions regarding your healthcare are being made. 


Should our client require a hospital admission, we provide ground ambulance transport to the hospital for you as part of your membership and ensure that your admission is immediate. We then hand you over to the receiving medical staff. We have an established network of contacts and specialist physicians to assist you at the most appropriate institution available for your diagnosis and treatment.

The decision of where to admit you is possibly the hardest and also most crucial decision our team makes. It will depend entirely on your medical diagnosis and the health care treatment which you may require at that time. We do not utilize any one facility more than another but will utilize specific facilities for particular well defined health care diagnoses and purposes. This can also change from one time to another depending on availability of specific surgeons or specialists at that time. Our health care team will make the most appropriate decision at the time of an emergency according to your personal health needs.
All the physicians’ specialists, with whom we work, offer a high quality of health care and will ensure you receive the highest level of medical treatment available in Sierra Leone.

As a WARA member, if you are admitted into hospital under our care in SL, one of our medical team members will continue to visit you daily until you are discharged or repatriated to your home country. This is to ensure that all your needs are met in the facility where you are admitted. It also gives us the opportunity to monitor your treatment and recovery process. Should you take yourself to hospital please inform us so we can visit you and assist you. If you are in an intensive care unit and in an unstable condition, we will visit you twice a day. This also gives us an opportunity to keep your employee and your international insurance company well informed of your condition.

Should the treating hospital facility require any equipment or medications to assist you in your treatment we will support them in any way we can. Should you be required to be transported to different facility in order to receive a specialized treatment or diagnostic procedures we will transport you there in our ambulance accompanied by one of our medics.


If your illness is serious and your medical condition requires a repatriation or air evacuation out of SL back to your home country or another country of medical competence, WARA will liaise directly with your international insurance company. We assist them by providing them with the essential and necessary medical information and reports they require to make their decision to repatriate you.

We also provide them with all the necessary support and facilitation that they may require when they come and get you. In the event that your insurance company sends an air ambulance to collect you we will transport you to the runway and hand over you to the international assistance company.

We highly recommend all travelers, visitors and long term expatriate resident workers in SL to have a good comprehensive international travel insurance that includes international evacuation.

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