WARA Emergency Medical Equipment

Our standard ambulance equipment is extremely comprehensive and includes highly technical medical rescue equipment in order to stabilize even the most critical of medical emergencies. This would basically include: full set of doctor and paramedic emergency medications, back board, spine board and neck collars, oxygen via full face mask or nasal cannula; intravenous sets in various sizes, various options of intravenous fluids for treatment purposes; fully equipped emergency bag to support intubations if and when necessary; a variety of splints for immobilization of limbs in traumas, an ECG with continuous cardiac monitoring option, pulse-oxymetry, capnography, automatic and semi-automatic defibrillators, electric suction units and perfusors - to name the most important equipment.

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Our specialized equipment ensures that all trauma patients will be transported either by road, helicopter or fixed wing in the safest and most comfortable way to the hospital.

Anyone who would like to have a look inside our ambulances, clinic or helicopter at any time or view our equipment for their peace of mind is most welcome. Our team is always willing to show any interested persons their equipment and supplies. We proudly welcome regular external audits and have hosted many of these audits up to date. We have proudly entertained the following for this purpose: AXA Assistance Medical Team from Paris, CEGA Assistance Medical Director from the UK, The Whitehouse Doctor for the Obama Administration, Chevron Medical Team from the United States of America, The Medical Director from the Mondial Assistance Team from Paris, The Regional Medical Advisor from the Republic of Canada, the Danish Medical Advisor from the Tropical Disease Center and advisor for the Danish Embassy , the Medical Director of the United Nations New York Head Quarters and Liberia, ISOS Medical Team from Paris and London and many more. For any interested visitors our main equipment and consumables supply base is in Accra and we supply our Sierra Leone Base, and remote Site Bases from Accra by regular and scheduled re-stocking trips.

It is not only having an adequate supply of equipment and consumables to support good emergency care but also essential to keep a healthy stock of all medications to support treatment. It is especially important in this environment where local suppliers can easily run out of simple things such as rabies immunoglobulin and snake bite anti venom. For that reason, WARA maintains a very healthy stock of all essential treatments and vaccinations.
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