WARA Team Profile


Managing Director Mr. Florian Zagel
General Manager and Counseling Psychologist Ms. Caroline Pearman
Medical Director Dr. Isaac Akanko
Senior Medical Officer - Assistance
Dr. Chris Boafo-Sarfo
Operations Manager Mr. Achim Teich
Finance Manager Mr. Paul Nkansa

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Our head office is currently situated in Labone Accra, Ghana. Our management team practices with an open door policy and our team is always happy to deal with queries medical or contractual. We are also extremely enthusiastic to receive feedback from our members at any time regarding their experiences with our team so we can learn of your personal perceptions of our expertise and care. Should you ever wish to place a confidential suggestion or complaint into our suggestion box we have in all of our clinics.

Our offices and operations in Sierra Leone are supported and lead through Accra where the largest contingency of our staff is permanently based. Along with our 24 hour call center all emergencies, evacuations and medical support is co-ordinated through our central hotlines and call center.

Full administrative support and our financial team is also based at our headquarters in Accra, Ghana. This is also the source of the huge amount of logistical support for bases such as Sierra Leone for weekly medications and consumables supplies along with all emergency equipment supply and ordering, calibrations and repairs. This is the same for not only our Sierra Leone base but for all our other remote site bases.


Our Freetown based team works under the medical directorship of our Accra based Medical Director and his Deputy who are on call for their assistance at any time. Currently we have two permanently based paramedics on duty in Freetown at any one time. This team of medics rotates internally through our larger medical team based in Ghana. Our Emergency Medical Manager also over sees all EMS related matters in both Sierra Leone and Ghana. Please see our Ghana website for more information of our larger medical team.

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Read more about the full WARA Medical team of 12 fully employed Medical Doctors, nine paramedics and nine nurses and one counseling psychologist based in Ghana to support Sierra Leone operations on our Ghana website.