About us

WARA opened its operations in Freetown Sierra Leone in February 2011. This is our first official medical base outside of Ghana.

Currently there is little available emergency support exploration and mining activity to the hospitals in Freetown. The current poor infrastructure in Sierra Leone, especially in the area of emergency care, creates a high exposure for travelers, residents and workers.

WARA’s presence currently provides 24 hour emergency support.

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In West Africa due to Ghana for some years WARA has been operating air and ground rescue missions in West Africa and has become the prime provider to many clients to ensure a professional safety net for their operations. We have become the chosen provider for remote based business, medical evacuation solutions and remote site clinic support. We operate with international standards and equipment and internationally trained staff to never compromise your safety in the rescue, stabilization and transportation of sick or injured people.

Today WARA operates out of six bases utilizing Accra – Ghana as its headquarters for the region. We perform hundreds of medical missions in the region on an annual basis and provide support to diplomatic missions, leaders in the gold and oil mining activities and government officials who rely upon WARA to provide their exclusive medical air rescue needs making us the leader in this activity. The provision of such activities can’t be delivered without reliable partners of equivalent excellence. The aviation activities of HELOG on the ground in Sierra Leone provide WARA once again with the opportunity of joint venture providing medical and aviation solutions on the ground.

Operational Safety and Quality Assurance

In order to run a company with international standards one has to ensure the quality of staff,
equipment and operational procedures of the highest quality. WARA employs only full time medical staff and operates our medical team under our own Medical Directorship to ensure quality control and guidance. All our Standard Operational Procedures have been specifically designed and implemented for this region which is both unique and challenging. Our procedures include provision of full sets of internationally purchased medical rescue equipment which is both serviced and maintained on an international level. This includes routine disinfection control of equipment and aircrafts to maintain high standards of hygiene. Our team is regularly audited by international insurance companies and visiting international medical teams from our corporate clients in order to ensure our standards. WARA has not failed to impress and qualify each and every audit performed thus far.

All our air ambulance services are operated by using dedicated medical interior to provide maximum safety during flights. Clients will be provided with 24 hour medical hotline numbers which link them directly to the Medical Doctors and Paramedics on duty in order to liaise the immediate medical needs on site. Doctors and paramedics are working back to back out our Accra base and their annual leave, sick leave needs will be incorporated into our package so that our services will be provided for your needs in country uninterrupted 24/7 – 365 days a year.

Company Infrastructure and Network

In order to operate medical assistance in any country it is essential to have a well established and regularly maintained medical network in the region in which one is operating. Since opening our services in Sierra Leone our medical team completed thorough medical audits of existing facilities there in order to both evaluate and learn of their capabilities and current shortfalls. Such information is essential in order to support our operational needs. WARA maintains excellent relations with local facilities in order to utilize them for initial stabilization and treatment activities if and when required.

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Any of your personal who become admitted into a facility in Freetown will be visited and evaluated by our medical team on a daily basis. This will be to provide our input into the treatment and recovery process and in addition to supply the local hospital with any medical supplies, or medication needs which they may not have. We will liaise with your headquarters or international insurance companies to provide full medical updates on regular basis.

It is essential at this point to consider that any person who cannot be treated in Sierra Leone should be evacuated either to Accra, Ghana or elsewhere for further treatment. In order to make these decisions constant evaluation and audits of local facilities becomes invaluable.

For those clients in our care who have international insurance we will maintain excellent
communications with the medical team updating them on any imminent repatriations. For those clients who do not have international insurance but who require medical or surgical procedures which can’t be provided in the limited health care infrastructure of Sierra Leone, WARA can be relied upon to provide air rescue and our huge medical infrastructural support we have in Accra, Ghana for their needs. It should be considered at this time that the medical diagnostic, surgical and procedural interventions in Ghana are far stronger and better developed than in Sierra Leone.

An agreement with WARA ensures you unlimited access to our full company infrastructure and
network in Ghana. This includes the support of our Medical Team, aero medical division and our Emergency Services Manager for advice, support and referrals for the medical team operating under WARA in Freetown.

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The West African Rescue Association also known as WARA is the leading private medical assistance and emergency rescue service in Ghana and in Sierra Leone. We provide a range of emergency and clinical services to individuals, families or corporate clients, who decide to take out a membership agreement with us.

Those who wish to enjoy the benefits of our emergency services and private clinics must become registered members of our organization as we do not work on an on call basis. The full diversity of our wide range of emergency services, ground and air rescue, clinical services and support services which we provide can be seen in detail under each section found on the vertical navigation screen.

Background to the WARA Organization

WARA was founded in 2005 with the goal of proving that a high standard emergency system can operate in a developing environment. It was our hope that with time this standard would assist in improving general levels of emergency care in the region. We run a ground ambulance service within the greater Accra-Tema region and in Takoradi and air rescue services throughout the remote parts of Ghana and regional air rescue throughout the West African Region.

Whilst our head quarters are based in the capital of Ghana, Accra we have various clinics and bases throughout Ghana and also run a base in Sierra Leone from April 2011. Please see our Ghana website for more details on our services in Ghana. For directions and contacts please see WARA CONTACT INFORMATION

A Brief Overview of the Complexity of Emergency Challenges in Sierra Leone:

As in many developing countries, finding good health care can be complex. Sierra Leone is not an exception. There is not one hospital facility which can provide an excellent standard of health care which one is accustomed to in the first world environment. For this reason in critical or urgent circumstances most foreign workers in Sierra Leone find themselves requiring evacuation. For this reason it is highly recommended that if you work or travel in Sierra Leone that you ensure you have a good insurance policy that covers international evacuations for the eventuality that you require an air ambulance to get you home for hospital treatment.

Realistically it always takes 24 hours or up to three days for an air ambulance to get to your destination due to all the complex arrangement and facilitation of flight permits, landing permits, aircraft availability and crew availability.

Due to the high risk environment and lack of a state of the air stabilization care available in Sierra Leone WARA decided to open its services in Freetown. Largely we are commonly providing rotary winged air rescue into remoter parts of Sierra Leone where we stabilize and move patients either to a hospital under our care or to our clinic for further stabilization and then provide the rotary winged transport of such patients to the runway of Lunge International Airport where they can be safely handed over to insurance companies on arrival.

We are also regularly involved in providing regional air rescue flights onward to Accra where a far more developed health care system can provide patients with immediate diagnostic and more sophisticated intensive care support until further decisions can be made about a patients final destination. See WARA Ghana website for more details on the health care in Ghana.


Should you be admitted in a hospital in Sierra Leone we will visit you daily in order to monitor your treatment and progress.